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COVID Play Guidelines

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Southern Wisconsin Youth Football Team has specific guidelines during COVID for all league activities. These guidelines will be adjusted based on recommendations and mandates set by local and state officials as well as guidelines set by the CDC. Implementing the COVID Play Guidelines will require a cooperative relationship between the League, Coach, Parent, and Player.  While the League and Coach must create a safe environment, the Parent must make the decision for their child to participate.  If, as a parent you are not comfortable in your child’s participation – DON’T.  And finally, Players must be responsible to adhere to, and respecting the social distancing requirements and contact guidelines that have been established. 

The roles/responsibilities for each include:

Guidelines are set based current mandates set by state and local officials:
As the evolution through the COVID pandemic continues, the following should always be adhered to:

  • If you are sick or feel sick, STAY HOME
  • At risk individuals, youth or adult, STAY HOME
  • Follow mask mandates set by state and local officials and recommendations set by the CDC
  • Each player may retain their own flag belt and clean after each practice/game
  • No one is to share water, towels or equipment.  This includes but not limited to:
    • Shoes, Socks, or Gloves
    • Jersey/Uniform
    • Only coaches should place and pick up cones
    • Use of practice vests/pinnies not recommended.
      • If used players MUST be issued their own to be washed after each use
  •  Spectators should respect others when social distancing, as defined by the CDC 
  • Recommend having sanitizing options available.  This may include:
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Disinfectant wipes to be used to wipe down all equipment and balls
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment after use
  • Respect for each individual’s choices must be top priority. 

Southern Wisconsin Youth Football Team remains steadfast in our commitment to the safety of our players, coaches, referees, families, and communities.  It is imperative that everyone understand their role and demonstrate a commitment adhering to the COVID Play Guidelines which have been created based on federal, state, and local directives and guidance with the intent of providing a safe environment for all both on and off the field.  If there is hesitation in participating.

 DON’T; just because you can does not mean you must.


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